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Our Learning Plan 2022/23:

Children are interested in the world around them. Exposure to life experience that makes the learning relevant is fundamental. Different curricula are provided and presented to the child so that it can get familiar with different learning methods to be able to choose the ones that are preferred, if at all.

Learning, growth, and skill development are natural byproducts of a person joyfully living life. The feelings and thoughts of the student will be monitored to pave the way for optimal learning. Tools for an improved mood are provided and presented by the teacher.

The following attributes are considered fundamental for learning. They are demonstrated by the teacher on a daily basis:

  • Fun

  • Positive attitude

  • Strong foundational skills

  • Easy progressive repetition

  • Relaxed focus

  • Self-guided

  • Self-empowerment

  • Variety

  • Movement

  • Relaxation

The student is expected to live life, dream, and imagine - which all happens naturally. The child’s experience will be their best teacher.

Mathematics is approached with ease and fun.

Sounds, letters, and words will be presented and repeated until they are familiar.

Science is enhanced by listening to the ideas of the student and by providing resources to explore those ideas and put them into action.

Success is defined as approaching learning with ease, joy, and fun. Grading will be given based on this measure.